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A Midsummer's Update - Cootie - 07-08-2018

<div style="margin: 10px;"><div class="outters"><div class="thead">Minor Adjustments - PVP & Coliseum</div><div class="trow1">Happy July, everybody! In light of some user suggestions and general observations when it comes to PVP combat and use of the coliseum, we've decided to drop this mini-update. As always, if you have any questions regarding anything here, feel free to PM a staff member, or tag one of us in the Baraenor Discord.

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<h1>Penalty - Unrealistic Attacks</h1>If, at any point during a PVP fight, a character commits an unrealistic attack against their opponent - whether due to positioning, size difference, directional mix-ups or otherwise - that opponent is now granted <b>either</b> a free dodge from that specific attack (if they haven't posted their reply yet) <b>or</b> health points from that attack returned to them (if they have already replied). This is designed to prevent players from being forced to work around an otherwise impossible situation in order for their fight post to make sense. The attack in question <i>must</i> be deemed unrealistic via judge review to qualify, so please request these in the <b>[<a href="">PVP Fights</a>]</b> thread found in Vital Templates.

<h1>Hot-fix - Directional Mix-Ups</h1>We've all done it, it happens; sometimes you mean left but you put right, and vice-versa. With that in mind, we have decided to grant everyone <b>one free pass per fight to clarify directional mix-ups without being penalized for GM/PP</b>. This means that, if a post is up for review, the judges will not dock a character for the first incident of directional mix-up encountered while reviewing. <i>However</i>, any incidents after that will still count as a strike - even if they're discovered in the same post.

<b><u>NOTE:</u></b> The above will effect all current, ongoing fights that are <i>not</i> currently up for GM/PP discussion.

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<h1>Hot-fix - Grandmaster/Task Perks in PVP</h1>Due to how much potential damage can occur in one round via dice roll when characters use certain perks against their opponents, these abilities may now only be used in fights that are <i>over</i> 3 rounds in length. Characters may no longer use any ability that attempts extra damage/damage reduction via dice roll in spars, dominance matches, or rank matches due to the low HP threshold of these fights.</div>

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<h1>Coliseum Rewards</h1>As a thank you to those taking time to review the fight posts of their peers in the Coliseum forum, you can now earn gems for your efforts! From now on, <b>for every 3 posts a player reviews, they can claim 20 gems</b>! Reviews must be substantial (not just "Looks good", "Don't see any GM/PP", etc.) and not just echoing the sentiments of a prior reply on the same review request.

<b><u>NOTE:</u></b> <i>Yes</i>, you can back-claim your prior coliseum reviews as long as links to them are provided in the Gem Request thread. ;D

<h1>Now, go forth & fight! - Baraenor Admin</h1>