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OOC Updates
01/11/2019: — There is a new Mid-Winter Update out that covers some important topics on Baraenor which can be found here. As we look to future months we can all get excited for Baraenor's 2-year anniversary in February! Huzzah!

12/30/2018: — This holiday season ends with a plethora of prizes and there was a Winter Update found here with some rule updates and changes, so be sure to check that out as we welcome in a new year!

11/5/2018: — The Board Wide Plot has come to an end, with dark goddess Noemi as the victor! Enjoy the current default skin featuring her likeness! Those that participated should view [this thread] for information on prizes - including a shiny new icon for your OOC profiles. Ghosts are still free to roam across the land until November 15th, when they'll be called back to Memoire Fields once more.

9/25/18 — The second phase of our [Board Wide Plot] is underway, and with it our annual October event, allowing the characters that have died on-site free reign across all of Baraenor for ghostly shenanigans!

8/14/18 — Our newest Board Wide Plot has officially begun! Visit [this thread] for more information, and choose your deity wisely.

8/12/18 — Character Appreciation has come to Baraenor once again. If you have that special character you have been wanting to bring over, now is your chance! Take advantage while you can, the time is limited! Character Appreciation Information!

7/10/18 — Our summer [mini-update] is now live! We've made some more tweaks to our PVP system as well as some extra encouragement for our players to make use of the Coliseum when writing their fight posts. A related guide is also in the works, so keep an eye out for that to be finished soon! The WIP can be found at the top of the Coliseum forum.

6/2/2018 — Maintenance has been concluded! Hooray! We have new skins and some wall-o-text update for you guys to read. So please make sure you are reading through the summer update.

5/6/2018 — We have wrapped up the Blessings of Twilight event and will have the end results up soon once everyone's points are tallied. Elle has also provided us with a couple of new affiliate buttons to use, so big thank you to her for her help!

4/10/2018 — [Character Appreciation Auditions] are open for a few more days! Now's the time to bring in an already established character into a brand new world, even if they aren't originally a lion. The second [Blessings of Twilight] event is also underway, so be sure to track your characters' progress and earn those cool prizes!

4/01/2018 — Hmm... Something is just [not quite right] around this place and you guys are writing some really weird stuff.

3/21/2018 — Our long-awaited [Spring Update] has officially dropped! Along with a few clarifications and an overhaul of the task system, we have given the guidebook a complete overhaul as well for easier navigation and understanding. New and returning players are encouraged to give everything a read-over, and as always, staff is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

2/4/2018 — Year 4 is underway, as well as Baraenor's First Anniversary! We have a very special Character Appreciation this time around that lasts all through the month of February, and we need some help compliling pivotal threads for our Year 3 Synopsis.

1/20/18 — It's Winter of Year 3, and that means that the IC year is coming to a close! Expect Hall of Fame nominations to open soon, and be sure to read up on all of the user polls we're using to help continue to fine-tune the task system. We are always looking for more imput and suggestions from our playerbase!

12/28/17 — Baraenor enters Autumn of Year 3, and the next phase of the White Stag Event has begun! Be sure to sign up for a belated Christmas Gift, as well as enroll in Scribble Wars for next month for a chance to win some gems!

12/1/17 — Summer of Year 3 has steam-rolled its way into existence. As always, contests are being held, links to which can be found riiiiight below these updates. Christmas is almost upon us in the real world (and by almost I mean almost a month from now) so be prepared because it is the season for gifting. Creatures have also been allowed onto the site for a price unless you bring them during Character Appreciation Week, so feel free to ask for details if you need more information.

11/4-17 — Another month gone and Baraenor enters into Spring of Year three! We have a lot of contests coming up so keep an eye out for those - and don't forget that Christmas is just around the corner! Who knows what suprises will be in store for the players of Baraenor! Also look to see the ending of the BWP for our resident Witch Doctor - he's going to be picking up steam.

10/4/17 — Baraenor has officially entered its third IC year! Welcoming the new year with a harsh winter that will hopefully bring promise of a better spring. In other news, the third stage of the board wide plot has been temporarily suspended until such time we have a few people that have completed stage two. This is to give people time to catch up as well as keep all surprises of each stage given via in character interactions. We will let you know when the next stage is released. =)

9/23/17 — Winter has come on Baraenor! this one is going to be a particularly difficult one. Rogue's will receive -5% heath per IC Winter Month this go around instead of the normal -3% so it's recommended they find homes soon. Since nobody knew ahead of time, one OOC week will be given to find a home before December health deductions will be made by staff.

9/13/17 — The brand-new PvP system has been officially announced, and is now in effect across Baraenor. Please see this update for more information! With this, we've also created a new forum called The Coliseum so players can practice writing fight posts without putting their characters in jeopardy.

9/2/17 — The Sept/Oct 'Spooky' Board Wide Event has officially been released, opening up a new forum for posting! For full detailed information on what the event involves, check out both threads in this forum.

8/31/17 — Happy (very belated) six months to Baraenor! We've added a few neat things to both IC and OOC profiles, which can be found in this update. Sign-ups for Scribble Wars, our first-ever posting contest, are also open until September 3rd! Players may enter with as many characters as they want, so don't forget to register for the chance at some very nice rewards!

8/20/17 — An official site update has been posted here. Some new changes have been made in regards to The Giving Tree, Gem Shops and Tasks so be sure to look it over. We've also introduced Character Appreciation Week and Of the Month Nominations so be looking for those in the future!

8/7/17 — An update has been posted here. If everyone could take the time to read over and input any ideas or opinions it would be greatly appreciated! Also, after yesterdays pride activity check three prides were disbanded. Due to smaller numbers at the current time, we have opted to close two of the prides in order to try and fill the remaining ones a bit better. Kyvar will remain open and ready for reclaiming as it was one of the original prides on the forum.

7/31/17 — Cootie will be gone from August 3rd-18th, on a trip to Japan! Please direct any concerns to Jolee during this time, as she'll be back from her absence then to keep things up and running. Cootie will still try to pop in on Discord and the cbox to check on everyone, but otherwise expect kind of a lull while everyone's out traveling before school starts back for a lot of players. Your regularly scheduled programming should resume in the next couple of weeks!

7/24/17 — We are still accepting entires for our Flora and Fauna contest! This is a neat opportunity to contribute directly to the world of Baraenor, and earn something for your efforts! We've seen several new faces around lately, so thank you to everyone that's been posting our advertisments. Keep it up so we can bring even more new players into our community!

7/12/17 — The Starfall Contest has ended now and the skies have started to return to normal. Congratulations to everyone who won in the OOC or IC contest. =) In other news, Tabs has opted to take a break from Adminship for a little while and relax so if you have any questions feel free to inquire with Jolee or any of the other staff members as well as posting inquiries in the Soundboard forum for questions and suggestions. We will be attempting to go through the site soon and seeing if anything could be improved upon so input is always appreciated.

6/27/17 — The Starfall Contest is quickly drawing to a close, but there's still time to participate and nifty prizes to be won! The guidebook has been updated with all of the newest changes, as well as a few tweaks for clarity after feedback from the playerbase and other observations. You can read more about those here!

6/10/17 — Baraenor enters Year 2 with a bang, as The Starfall Contest is now underway! We're still working out some kinks and making new gameplay additions, the latest of which can be read about in this update. Staff auditions have also opened up, and interested parties can have a look here at the open positions and how to apply!

5/25/17 — Lots of updates and changes are coming to Baraenor! With the removal of the pride limit - how many lions will be searching to stake their claims on their own lands? With the addition of Woman Empowerment ladies of Baraenor have just a little more umph.. But they still have to work for it! Staff changes have come up - and as summer really gets started - we have a lot of contests in full swing right now!

04/24/17 — There have been several updates made recently, highlighting tweaks in the fighting system, a task overhaul, gridlines on the map and much more! Check them out here and here for more information. We also have a shiny new Game Development board, where we'll be discussing anything new and exciting with everyone!

03/19/17 — As we move into our third month of being open, we see some accounts going inactive. Make sure that you guys are posting at least once a month to keep characters from falling inactive! And remember, if a character under 1 year goes inactive they will be considered deceased. Keep up the posts, guys!

02/26/17 — Things have been said, and heard! A new update comes on the horizon and with it comes a fighting system that we hope will keep the 'hands off' approach, while remaining fair to everyone involved. You can find it Here!

02/20/17 — To all our lovely members, we provide a brief update to let everyone know that we now have a special forum under Art Corner where we are housing all the wonderful editable line arts that we have been able to get with your gracious donations. These are available for member use only and password protected so if you are wishing to use them please PM Tabs or Jolee in order to get the password. Currently there is only an infant cub line art available, but more will be added as Ale-Tie completes them. =)

02/13/17 — It's been a week since our opening, and we've put out an Update!. In this update, we welcome a new staffer, and two new prides! Don't forget the current contests we have going on! Some will end coming up here soon.

02/07/17 — We have a couple of contests going on right now, Advertising contest which has a few of our breed only (And non purchaseable) pelt colors as prizes. Skinning contest with Gems as prizes. Keep your eyes peeled for a Valentines day Scavenger hunt as well! In the meantime, we'd like to give a HUGE thank you to both Pessy and Vix for donating towards making Baraenor! And to the players who have joined up in the last few days. Without the players, there would be no site. They have our love!

02/05/17 — Baraenor is now officially open! Players may begin to start creating OOC and IC accounts. Thank you to everyone that has helped us get to this point in time. If you are new to Baraenor, please refer to our Grand Opening announcement for further details and don't forget to read over the required reading in the Guides. If you happen to find any bugs in coding, please report them on this thread.
IC Updates
1/28/19 Ishta Kaola has merged with Anima, bringing the pride to be the largest upon Baraenor. While Sana disbands, Harcos forms in the making after Virag leaves from Vilmos Lev. Sandor has claimed a land for himself, and Eros Vihar slowly begins to thrive in the Aurora Mountains. Despite the chilling season, Winter welcomes new lives... but will the cold claim them away as well?

12/30/18: One of the largest established prides in Baraenor - Grimwood - disbands. Their leader Beetle has disappeared without a trace. New prides form with the fall of old prides, as Athens, too disbanded from the disappearance of their empress Bloom. Ishta Kalo is born from Zayn's claim on land in the Ethereal Forest and Byrn takes up root in Fessinger Grove with Shy'ath Grove. Among the chaos another pride rises in Hitad Springs - Paradox Rim claimed by Rei. What will this mean for the future relations of Paradox Rim and Iqniq?

11/05/18: — Noemi wins dominance over her sister Neomi! Evil-aligned characters may find their luck has drastically improved, and Baraenor may begin to see some very unusual offspring in the coming months - results of the spiritual unrest throughout the land. Speaking of spirits, the ghosts may begin to feel the pull of the Fields again as their time of freedom draws to a close. Sant Hem and Anima have dissolved, but three more have risen in their place, with Lochlan retaking Anima's old territory and both Stirling and Gabriel staking their own seperate claims in Naru Jungle.

09/25/18 — The goddesses continue to clash, and currently it is Noemi of the abyss with the most control - wielding her strength to influence the more unsavory characters of Baraenor. The upset of energies have unleashed the dearly departed freely into the land, and as the ghosts roam untethered, trouble brews between Imperio Sangre and Grimwood over the untimely demise of the young white tiger, Catherine. Just across the river, Empress Icefang of Luminosa sucessfully incapacitates Tyr, holding the former Sant Hem king in her territory while she decides his fate.

09/15/18 — As the land cools off, a new pride arises in the vale; Noctis led by King Agrippa. The scorned Andromède also takes Duskhollow from her former mate, renaming it to Athens. Baraenor's deities continue to plague the population with dreams and summons, and many have already gone to their respective strongholds with offerings to prove their loyalties. As the sisters grow stronger, what lies ahead when winter comes creeping in?

08/07/18 — Baraenor is in the middle of its usual summer heat wave, but that hasn't stopped the residents from trying to maintain their strongholds as resources begin to dwindle. Former Imperio empress (and heiress) Icefang has stepped out of her family's land to establish Luminosa across the river, while elsewhere Rothadt Erdő's king disappears and the pride dissolves. Otherwise it's business as usual, even if there's some strange goings-on down in the darkest recesses of the Phantom Bayou.

06/20/18 — Spring is here! The residents of Baraenor are a little worse for wear, but new legacies begin as Irkbaan Veistul establishes Rothadt Erdő along the eastern coast and Solomon Kivasante follows in his father's footsteps to revive Anima within the ethereal forest. But the land is never without its pockets of violence - Sant Hem's Tyr Rankeshson attempts to make Sundew pay for her insubordination while his heir Roanoke X'uekai is engaged in a death match against Grave Delekr.

05/06/18 — The skies begin to settle but down below the fights rage on, as new king Tyr Rankeshson of Sant Hem challenges Agnar's king Fenris Káruson to a death match. A few hopefuls have made their bids for leadership as well in the wake of Diello Lake's recent flooding and disbandment - the lioness Magdalene founds Izalith along the shores of Avaar Lagoon, the recently displaced Disa Kivasante vies for the throne of Imperio Sangre's Nikiri X'uekai and Kalios Grengar calls upon Duskhollow king Baldur Blackheart to defend his position.

04/10/18 — All hell breaks loose in Fessinger Grove as Diello king Zayn Kivasante leads a raid into Aerodeck's territory, with the recently-established Agnar's Empress Gunnr caught in the crossfire as the violence rapidly escalates. In the thick of the battle, Archduchess Sylvanas - one of Skol's own - turns on her king and challenges him for his crown. It seems the chaos has heralded the converging of the twin moons once again, as they draw ever closer to each other and cause all manner of astrological phenomena!

03/21/18 — With the increased availablity of resources, power begins to shift again, especially in Fessinger Grove - where Parvana re-takes Mirah Shores when Camilla disappears and Beetle Halfsbane departs from Diello Lake to stake her claim of Grimwood along the swamp's eastern edge. Another Diello lioness, Adélaide, also establishes Wintertide along the coast of Perisod Moor, and the rogue Nikiri X'uekai takes a portion of Norren Savanna after the scent markers of Caranox Plains are nowhere to be found.

03/07/18 — Spring is in the air, lifting some of the strains off of Baraenor's population. Food is becoming plentiful again, and with it the promise of a bit more peace among the prides. At least, in theory. Diello's resident tiger Luka attacks High King Skol of Aerodeck after some shady dealings involving one of her pridemates, Hillevi, who in turn makes an arrangement with Solomon in an effort to swear her loyalty. Within the territory of the Nomads itself, Morana issues a challenge against the now former heiress Buttermilk for her title - only for the cheetah to have disappeared, and for newcomer Sylvanas to answer in her place, while Heiress Absinthe of Itthon Nyers comes across Grave of Atral Fen in the bayou, and he ultimately kills her when she attacks him out of bloodlust.

02/18/18 — As the winter season rages on, Reshmi steps up to take over Adhina Cascade in the wake of Lennox's disappearance, renaming it Ashok Basin, while the young Skol Rankeshson makes a deal with the tiger Shrine in order to obtain control of the Aerodeck Nomads. Rostam Delekr takes Paradise, now Itthon Nyers, from Damien - and Nahlot Viitaas makes a bid for Mirah Shores, her challenge answered by current Empress Camilla Delekr.

02/04/18 — Nine prides - and one clan of creatures - have officially established themselves across Baraenor, making competition inevitable for land and resources. With well over twenty members a piece, Diello Lake and Ko'mox Fields have grown to megapride status and could certainly start putting strains on their neighbors. Things are already heating up in Fessinger Grove as new Empress Parvana of Mirah Shores sets her sights on driving the Aerodeck Nomads out of the swamp by raiding their territory!

01/28/18 — Four prides have dissolved under the pressure of the winter snows, paving the way for an ambitious few to build new empires in their wake. Deep in Naru Jungle, however, a battle rages as Solomon, the High King of Diello Lake, challenges Jorunn, Archduchess of Paradise to a death match!

01/20/18 — Eilif, King of Brogan Criostail, is challenged by one Priscilla Delekr for his crown after a disagreement over a young girl named Sakura! Elsewhere, the Empress and Emperor of Ko'mox Fields relocates their pride to the forest, and tensions rise in Starfall Crater over the fate of a trio of newborn cubs after their mother passes away from complications. In the wake of all this, the winter season makes itself known across Baraenor - promising to be one of the harshest yet.

01/04/18— With October comes changes! Damien defeats Varion as ruler of Elysian Summit and has some nefarious plans brewing. Zayn, King of Diello Lake, has managed to cling on to life after a grueling five day healing session by Disa. What does he do upon waking, however? Challenge Sant Hem for Jorunn! Winter is closing in on Baraenor, and with hardships on the way and prides growing more and more unsteady, where will the new season take us?

12/1/17 — As always, new prides appear while, sometimes simultaneously, existing prides vanish. Relations between these prides all lean toward alliances, which leads to a baby boom that is a mix of inter-pride passion and the Witch Doctor's influence. Meanwhile, strange occurrences begin to circulate through the rumor mill. Whispers of a white stag are abound, and folks are also beginning to speak of other creatures speaking lion-tongue. A leopard, a crocodile.. what else might Baraenor become a home for in the future?

11/4/17 — Much has happened in the last few months! The Witch Doctor continues his conquest to finish his goals.. Beware those of you who are of the dearly departed! In the meantime - multiple prides have fallen over the harsh winter months, leaving Baraenor down to six! With fewer prides, it means that there are alot of creatures looking to stake their own claims on the land. A few challenges are liable to crop up!

9/9/17 — The ocean recedes, forging a path to the mysterious island northeast of the mainland. However, it's an eerie locale, veiled by fog and ghostly voices that beckon the living to come and explore. Surely there's some correlation between it and the wandering souls that have been released from their bonds to the Memoire Fields, drifting across Baraenor as they did in life, searching for the reason behind their newfound freedom.

8/31/2017Anima Falls King Nevermore discovers the gruesome scene of his son's death and wife's capture, forcing him to abandon his territory and leave Baraenor in search of the culprit. Takira "Taske" Neron becomes the Empress of the forest in his stead, the shift in power quiet and undisturbed. On the opposite side of the map, Maranon Basin is founded in Mystall Ridge by Empress Devana and her mate, Helios, and becomes Baraenor's northernmost pride.

8/20/2017 — The unrelenting heat takes a toll on its inhabitants, but time marches on and not even the season can halt the rise and fall of monarchs across the land. When Kyvar Morass is left vacant once again, it is reclaimed by Livanna Varg, such that the jungle sees its first Empress in the wake of a harshly patriarchal past. Azil Hollow, having outlived its usefulness as a sanctuary in the mountains, is also abandoned and vanishes from the map - at least for now.

7/24/2017 — Baraenor is on the cusp of a heated summer, and with it the promise that the turmoil will ebb away a little - if only for now. Hard-pressed former queen Isadora takes over the abandoned Azil Hollow as its Empress and a young and amibitious Kaiden lays claim to the jungle of Kyvar Morass, while Mordred ascends the throne of Murkwood Grotto not long after his brother vanished. The survivors of the clash between the Delekr family and their outcasts are seeking vengeance, claiming the wives left behind as their own or holding them prisoner as punishment.

7/10/17 — In the wake of the strange astral phenomena, cubs are born with fur like the night sky in Anima Falls, and the tensions between Azil Hollow and Kyvar Morass finally erupt into a bloody battle on the grasslands. Four are killed - including Azil's king and one of his children - leaving the desolate Hollow in the paws of its young heir. Not long afterwards, Kyvar Morass and Murkwood Grotto both lose their kings. Will others take up their mantles, or are they destined to fade into obscurity?

6/27/17 — The moons grow closer and closer, one threatening to eclipse the other, the zenith of this strange phenomenon fast approaching as tensions run high across Baraenor. Skellryn Vale sees a new king not long after the death of its empress, when her heir Lilith is captured by Kyvar Morass and a lion named Artaxias claims the abandoned prideland. Another Delekr has taken over Murkwood Grotto in the wake of the prior king's disappearance, though the site of his claim is anything but peaceful, as the newly crowned Lennox immediately challenges for Rakel, a lioness of Mirah Shores, after a few heated words. Elsewhere, a strange pool charged with moonlight has revealed itself in Ethereal Forest - where did it come from, and what could it mean?

6/10/17 — A massive power shift consumes the land when Korrin is run from his territory and stripped of his name by his father Rhask and eldest brother Haru upon their arrival. Korrin and his loyalists flee to the mountains and establish Azil Hollow, while Haru himself takes the Kyvar Morass throne. Two other prides pop up elsewhere - Skellryn Vale and Navtiv Valley - while young Delekr Havok lays claim to the again abandoned Steppes, renaming it Murkwood Grotto and moving it to Ragefire Peaks. The heavens seem to be mimicking the chaos down below as the twin moons move ever closer together; stars are raining across the sky and a particularly large meteor has made landfall in Perisod Moor.

5/22/17 — When the King of Aellexus Steppes unexpectedly dies, the chance to claim the title emerges. Within minutes of the occurrence, a lion named Nevermore attempts to claim Ethereal Forest for his own. No more than 4 hours after, a lion named Vyper attempts to secure the savanna. Will these males go unchallenged, or will they be forced to fight for the title? Read more here and here.

5/12/17 — After the unexpected disbandment of Kyvar Morass, Korrin seeks to reclaim his title. Will he go unchallenged, or will blood be shed once more by the lions of the jungle? Read more here.

5/9/17 — True to what we've grown to expect, there is always something big going on in Mirah Shores. This time, it is a battle for the title of Queen. Hannibal, a fairly new addition to the pride, has her sights set on something big. After regaining her title so recently, Isadora loses it quicker than most of us expected. Newly crowned and ready to flaunt it, Hannibal goes so far as to invite the King's brother Barbas to her den for the night. Are more cubs on the horizon for this eclectic pride?

5/9/17 — Kirena of Mirah Shores, who just lost her only remaining cub (Sabryn) to a crocodile and has been outranked by a slave despite being the King's wife, is losing her mind. Not only does she find her assumed deceased son (Exodus) alive and well; she does not believe that he is actually her son. Sure that she would not be allowed to keep the boy due to feeling neglected, Kirena intends to alert Ezekael and leave it at that, though when Ezekael arrives, he solidifies Kirena's thoughts by calling for Isadora to care for the cub. Kirena, now feeling even further betrayed and unhinged, calls Isadora to a death match! Isadora, contrary to what we've seen of her battling in the past, goes for the kill without a second thought. Ezekael attempts to calm the situation, but it escalates regardless, one wife intent on killing another. Coincidentally enough, Graham from Iron Mountains has been loitering around the territory, even going so far as to having a private conversation with Kirena in an attempt to figure out what her turmoil is all about. The King of the Mountains leaps to the defense of Kirena, intent on turning the tables of the Death Match onto Isadora instead. Somehow Isadora manages to dodge Graham entirely, and the Death Match halts abruptly. Barbas slides in to seek compromise and diplomacy, but Graham has had enough with being nice to this pride that seems to be in shambles due to outside forces. He demands that Kirena be released to his care, and Ezekael gives her up like he'd never married her at all. Kirena flees in one direction, Chani the cub flees in another, and Graham leaves with the few members of his pride that have shown up.

5/9/17 — Just when you think things are settling down, two lionesses are killed in freak accidents caused by Mother Nature! Civali of Kyvar Morass is crushed beneath a fallen tree, leaving her husband Mordred and her son Dogo to grieve. Sabryn, a cub of Kirena's, of Mirah Shores is eaten alive by a massive crocodile who seems now to be a permanent fixture of Avaar Lagoon. Heartbreakingly enough, Kirena takes this loss extremely hard, having lost her son shortly after the litter was born. Shortly thereafter, Voluspa, current Queen, after giving birth and claiming Isadora's cubs as her own, travels to Iron Mountains in search of the King. Graham is quick to answer, and asks her what she might need. Suddenly we see Voluspa as never before, looking over her shoulder as though followed, crying out for help from the heterochromatic King of the Mountains. She tells him that Ezekael raped Isadora! Seeking justice, questioning his alliance to the Shores, Graham hustles his way to Fessinger Grove to find answers. Once there, with Ezekael and most of his pride (only one child is curious enough to check out the commotion) present, Graham explains his presence and calmly asks for the truth. Ezekael denounces Voluspa as Queen, stating it was always Isadora, but Voluspa, newly made slave, proves him wrong by using her Witch Doctor ability to summon an ancestral leader who will answer two questions truthfully. Graham breaks the alliance between Iron Mountains and Mirah Shores, leaving in disgust.

5/9/17 — Meanwhile, the new King of Iron Mountains has received the perfect initiation.. a challenge for his crown! Vyper, new to Baraenor but ambitious enough to rival all inhabitants, eventually succumbs to Graham, leaving the Mountain stronghold exactly as it was. On the northern side of the realm, more misfortune has befallen Mirah Shores, their Archduchess Tishala in particular. After happening upon a rogue lioness in Rysen Grasslands, the females are approached by Kyvar Morass' infamous grouch, Mordred. In his usual fashion, the red-maned male lays claim to the rogue immediately, and even Gersemi the Queen arrives to welcome their newest addition. At first it seems all will be well, for Tishala attempts to leave without a fight, but Mordred does the unthinkable and tries to claim her, despite her already belonging to Mirah Shores! Quick to the rescue is the King himself, charging in to protect his pride member. Absolute chaos erupts when Ezekael's brother Barbas, Heir to the throne, follows along and attempts to even the score by claiming Gersemi, who is unknowingly pregnant at this time. Korrin, her husband, descends on Barbas to protect Gersemi, calling for war between their prides in the process. One by one the crowd piles in to witness the majesty of Ezekael vs Mordred for Mirah Shores and Korrin vs Barbas for Gersemi. During this intense instance, Korrin is defeated by Barbas, making Gersemi a member of Mirah Shores, and while Korrin is down, his brother Gideon swoops in to claim the crown for Kyvar Morass'. Ezekael defeats Mordred in the end, leaving the prides to disperse to care for their wounded and process the state of hostility with their closest neighbor.

5/9/17 — Continuing on the same train of thought from our last update, we have surprising news from Mirah Shores. No sooner than Voluspa charging in for the kill did Isadora attempt to escape, only to be thwarted by her own brother-in-law, Barbas, and Voluspa herself. Ezekael is not present in this moment, when Voluspa strikes Isadora down to the rank of slave (a first in Baraenor's young life), for attempting to abort her litter. Gideon, who at this time was still Kyvar's sub-King, pays witness to all of the madness which unfolds here, giving him an intimate look into the workings of this oceanic pride.

04/5/17 — Much has happened since our last update! Voluspa has challenged Isadora to a death match after finding her attempting to abort her cubs, while also pregnant herself! Aellexus Steppe has a new King, Evander, and has started accepting members at a growing rate. It seems that testosterone has run rampant through the lands of Baraenor, especially Kyvar Morass. Korrin has a new Queen, who's filled to the brim with his young; he's also chased his brother, Gideon, from the land for choosing a woman over family! Both brothers have maimed one another, each party sporting a marred eye worthy of a patch. Iron Mountains has also had its fair share of drama, Graham meeting an old lover unexpectedly, and becoming the acting King of the mountains while Pallas journeys to find inner peace after delivering the morbid news of the death of Daphne Varg and encountering a cub in a similar situation. That is not all! Mother Nature has also run amok, dispersing singing creatures of all sorts to all the prides; what cooky things does the Mother have planned for us? Stay tuned and you just might find out.

03/19/17 — Pallas has become the new King of Iron Mountains! Meanwhile, Ezekael has found himself quite verulent and has started the process of siring multiple litters! The Varg are making themselves known as the family continues to grow, and with Daphne being returned to them - what dangers await the rest of the valley? More and more lions have stepped into the valley, and things are heating up across the board.

03/03/17 — Things are heating up as more and more lions filter into the lands of Baraenor! Hrungnir and Samuel clash once again over rulership of Aellexus Steppe, with the younger of the two once more emerging victorious. Tensions have run high between Mirah Shores and Kyvar Morass as their kings nearly come to blows over members. Whales have washed up on the beaches, drawing many lions from the edges to see what all the fuss is about. In the meantime, Apollyon has moved the pride once known as Qirin Glade to the Emerald Vale, giving rise to a new pride The Iron Mountains.

Of the Months

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Something extremely fishy is go on amidst all the snow on Baraenor. Is that...that's a lot of bunnies. Why are there so many bunnies?

Site Census
Anima 15 1429
Faust Sanctum 11 718
Iqniq 5 1318
Luminosa 7 916
Lux 4 1216
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Harcos 0 11
Shy'ath Grove 1 45
Vilmos Lev 0 00
Rogues 35 3873
Creatures 2 35
TOTALS 83 103 186

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March |With the coming of Spring all of that snow has started to melt, causing the streams and rivers to swell- becoming dangerous. Its still quite cold at night, but the days are getting longer and warmer...in fact..they are a little too warm for spring. Grass is green and prey is starting to filter back into Baraenor.
Rogues will lose -3% each roll over

|| Hunting ||
MODERATE| Small herds are starting to reappear, prey is becoming easier to find. 0 modifier while searching for prey & herbs


Giving Tree Requests & Donations

Giving Tree Requests & Donations

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Giving Tree Requests & Donations
  • Here is where you will make all your requests to receive gifts from The Giving Tree.

  • Remember that you can only request 1 gift per OOC month unless you received only 50 gems or less, then you can request again.

    • The giving tree only accepts Gem donations.  Donations of items will no longer be taken or count towards donation total
    • Every so often, you will be given the opportunity to exchange unwanted gifts into gems of 50% the value of the gift.
    • The more donations you give, the higher the prizes you may receive.
    • The more expensive gifts you receive the month before - the lower your chance of getting something good the next month.

  • Gifts may range anywhere from a 10 gems to 500 gems, or something ultra rare like breed only coat colors and mutations,

  • If it's your birthday, you can request a separate roll (that doesn't affect your Karma or the number of rolls you had that month!) but your birthday can't be hidden - so we can see it ;)

  • Due to the fact that The Giving Tree is an IC location within Memoire Fields, players are more than welcome to play out their character praying to the tree for something in specific (i.e. if a sterile lioness wants desperately to be a mother and prays for help). You may create these threads first before requesting a gift from The Giving Tree in hopes of perhaps a prayer being heard. Keep in mind that the chance to be answered is very slim, but still possible, and the answer you receive may not be exactly as expected.
    • She will handle small blessings/fixes as well as awarding the gifts from the giving tree.
    • She can handle small 'fixes' to injuries as long as what is required to fix exists. (IE: She can cut the healing time of a broken bone down, but she cannot heal a tail that has been removed.)
    • This version of the mother also handles the 'prayers' for resurrections over time.
    • Her payments are usually in the form of prey or gifts.

  • There is another option aside from The Giving Tree, which is location in Banshee's Abyss at an altar of old bones. It is encouraged that those looking to make a deal with the devil come to this altar and pray. Those who have been severely injured through maims or other tragedies may seek to gain their limbs or organs.
    • This version of Mother nature will take care of the darker aspects of the deals on site. This means that she can deal in things much harder to heal, but the cost will be much higher.
      • For example, she could return a lost tail - but may ask that the character bring her one of their own children.
    • In short, this version of Mother Nature will deal in souls. Her prices are steep.
    • She also handles the sacrificial resurrections on Baraenor.

  • The Giving Tree can be a fickle thing and if it deems you to be too greedy it can possibly take gems from you as well. The maximum amount of gems the tree will take at any given time is 50 gems.

Request a Gift Form

Who is the request for? OOC Account if there is no IC thread attached. If there is an IC thread being played out first, the name of the character should be put here.

Link to IC Thread? Only if a prayer was made specifically at the Giving Tree first.

Current Date: Month/Day/Year

<h2>Request a Gift Form</h2>
<b>Who is the request for?</b> OOC Account if there is no IC thread attached. If there is an IC thread being played out first, the name of the character should be put here.

<b>Link to IC Thread?</b> Only if a prayer was made specifically at the Giving Tree first.

<b>Current Date:</b> Month/Day/Year

Form for Offering a Donation

What account did the donation come from? Please use the 'donate' option to The Giving Tree account and remember to put in the reason as 'donation to Giving Tree'.

What is being donated? The item you are offering.

Current Date: Month/Day/Year

The Account to donate to:
The Giving Tree

<h2>Form for Offering a Donation</h2>
<b>What account did the donation come from?</b> Please use the 'donate' option to The Giving Tree account and remember to put in the reason as 'donation to Giving Tree'.

<b>What is being donated?</b> The item you are offering.

<b>Current Date:</b> Month/Day/Year

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Gems: 255¤ Posts: 164
Giving Tree Encounters for Previous & Current Month (January/February)

January Gifts

[01/01/19] - 50 gem consolation for lackadaisy.
[01/01/19] - 200 gem coat color (white/ginger) for sava.
[01/01/19] - 50 gems for Twesh.
[01/01/19] - Blessing of Rage for Taske.
[01/01/19] - Free extra eye color for Ink1Green.
[01/01/19] - 50 gem marking for era.
[01/01/19] - 1 free litter reroll for era.
[01/01/19] - 100 Gem Marking (Large Mark) for Jolee.
[01/01/19] - Blessing of Radiance for Rabs.
[01/01/19] - 25 Gems for Fuzy.
[01/01/19] - 20 gem marking (accent mark) Beau.
[01/01/19] - 400 gem coat color(grey/black/burgundy) for Graive.
[01/01/19] - 20 gems for Deej.
[01/01/19] - -10 gems for Nova.
[01/01/19] - 50 gems for Tabs.
[01/01/19] - -2 gems for Etsu.
[01/02/19] - Free extra eye color for TaterTots.
[01/03/19] - -20 gems for Koi.
[01/03/19] - 200 gems for Wolfsi.
[01/03/19] - Free Global Marking for Driftyworks.
[01/04/19] - 20 gems for Xerex.
[01/04/19] - 400 gems for Nova.
[01/04/19] - 20 gems for Xerex.
[01/04/19] - 350 gems for Roam.
[01/04/19] - Blessing of Rage (Overgrown Claws) for Deej.
[01/05/19] - Second Chance Blessing for Tabs.
[01/06/19] - 400 Gem Coat Color (Grey/Black/Burgundy) for Etsu.
[01/06/19] - Free Litter Re-roll for Joanne.
[01/07/19] - Blessing of Wrath (Overgrown Fangs) for Koi.
[01/08/19] - Free extra eye color for DangerNoodle.
[01/08/19] - 200 Gems for Analese.
[01/08/19] - 100 Gems for Beau.
[01/08/19] - -5 Gems for kamikaze.
[01/08/19] - 100 gem marking (large mark) to Sava.
[01/08/19] - Blessing of Luminescence (Bio-luminescent Marking) to Tatertots.
[01/08/19] - 400 Gem Coat Color (Grey/Black/Burgundy) to Beau.
[01/08/19] - 300 Gems to Etsu.
[01/08/19] - 350 Gems to Wolfsi.
[01/08/19] - 200 Gems to Roam.
[01/08/19] - 10 Gem Marking (Micro Mark) to Xerex.
[01/08/19] - Blessing of Rage (Overgrown Claws) to Era.
[01/08/19] - Blessing of Color (Color Changing Eyes) to Twesh.
[01/08/19] - Free Extra Eye Color to lackadaisy.
[01/08/19] - Blessing of Luminescence (Bio-luminescent Marking) to driftyworks.
[01/08/19] - 500 Gems to taske.
[01/08/19] - Blessing of Color (Color Changing Eyes) to joanne.
[01/08/19] - 200 Gem Coat Color (White/Ginger) to Eerie.
[01/08/19] - 50 Gem Marking (Small Mark) to violetta.
[01/08/19] - Blessing of the Rose (Rose Pelt Color) to violetta.
[01/08/19] - 50 Gem Marking (Small Mark) to koi.
[01/08/19] - 200 Gems to nova.
[01/09/19] - Free Extra Eye Color to Fess.
[01/09/19] - Blessing of the Rose (Rose Pelt Color) to Jolee.
[01/09/19] - 25 Gem Marking (Small Mark) to Tabs.
[01/09/19] - Blessing of the Lycoi (Lynx Ears) to Rabs.
[01/10/19] - 50 Gems to Fess.
[01/11/19] - 350 gems to Kash.
[01/11/19] - Free Global Marking to Shad.
[01/11/19] - 50 gems to Shad.
[01/11/19] - 350 gems to Kash.
[01/11/19] - 400 gems to Graive.
[01/13/19] - Free Extra Eye Color to Ink1Green
[01/18/19] - 200 Gem Coat Color (White/Ginger) for Azzy.
[01/18/19] - 20 Gem Marking (Accent Mark) for Nikkie.
[01/18/19] - 20 Gems to Fiore.
[01/19/19] - Blessing of the Rose (Rose Pelt Color) - Kash.
[01/21/19] - 20 Gems to Chili.
[01/22/19] - 25 Gem Marking (Accent Mark) to Slash-GNR.
[01/23/19] - 50 Gem Marking (Small Marking) to Slash-GNR.
[01/31/19] - 50 Gems (consolation prize) to Cake.

February Gifts

[02/01/19] - -25 gems to Jolee. (bad gift)
[02/01/19] - 50 gem (small) marking to Twesh.
[02/01/19] - -10 gems to Tabs. (bad gift)
[02/01/19] - -01 gem to Nova. (bad gift)
[02/01/19] - 20 Gem Marking (Accent Mark) to Nova
[02/01/19] - 400 gems to Twesh.
[02/02/19] -Free Cub Reroll Can choose between 1st and 2nd roll to Twesh. (bday roll)
[02/02/19] - 20 gems to Xerex.
[02/02/19] - 25 gems to Elle.
[02/02/19] -Free Cub Reroll (Can choose between 1st and 2nd roll) to Tabs.
[02/02/19] - Hybrid Litter Reroll (Can choose between 1st and 2nd roll) to Jolee.
[02/02/19] -50 gems (consolation) to lackadaisy.
[02/02/19] - +1 cub to a litter to Eerie.
[02/02/19] -100 Gem Marking (Large Mark) to Era.
[02/02/19] - 10 gems to Driftyworks.
[02/02/19] - 50 Gem Marking (Small Mark) to Driftyworks.
[02/02/19] - Hybrid Litter Reroll (Can choose between 1st and 2nd roll) to joanne.
[02/02/19] -100 Gem Marking (Large Mark) to Shad.
[02/02/19] - Free Extra Eye Color to Era. (Bday roll)
[02/02/19] - 50 Gem Marking (Small Mark) to Ink1Green.
[02/02/19] - 20 gems to Xerex.
[02/02/19] - Blessing of Oddities (Guarantees 1 Random Mutation in a Litter)to Graive. (bday roll)
[02/03/19] - -10 gems to Analese. (bad gift)
[02/03/19] - 250 gems to Fess.
[02/03/19] - 20 gems to Analese.
[02/02/19] - 250 gems to Koi.
[02/02/19] - 350 gems to Wolfsi.
[02/11/19] - 100 gem marking to Taske.
[02/12/19] - 200 gems to kayla
[02/12/19] - 350 gems to TaterTots
[02/12/19] - 350 gems to celestial

Giving Tree Donations [Previous/Current Month/All Time]

January Donations

Twesh - 1000 Gems
Taske - 200 Gems
era - 200 Gems
Jolee - 600 Gems
Graive - 500 Gems
Deej - 600 Gems
Nova - 255 Gems
TaterTots - 300 Gems
Roam - 100 Gems
Joanne - 170 Gems
Driftyworks - 300 Gems
kayla - 120 Gems
Fess - 200 gems
Kash - 600 gems
Chili - 250 gems

February Donations

Nova - 194 Gems
Era - 100 gems
Wolfsi - 300 gems
kayla - 200 gems
tatertots - 225 gems

Total Donations Per Player

Tabs - 600 Gems
Cootie - 500 Gems
Fallen - 300 Gems
Jolee - 1200 Gems
Moose - 150 Gems
Raichu - 800 Gems
Faola - 310 Gems
Taske - 600 Gems
Violetta - 200 Gems
Rabs - 330 Gems
Elle - 400 Gems
Cat - 100 gems
Roam - 350 gems
Graive - 1575 gems
OreoBar - 100 gems
Eerie - 790 gems
Sméagol - 244 gems
North - 650 gems
Xerex - 550 gems
TaterTots - 1197 gems
Nova - 774 gems
Happy - 250 gems
Synn - 100 gems
Saph - 275 gems
Ink1Green - 926 gems
Etsu - 149 gems
era - 600 gems
Lawli - 350 gems
Nori - 400 Gems
Kash - 1150 Gems
Xarkla - 175 Gems
Ivy - 200 Gems
cerato - 29 Gems
Spu - 150 Gems
Driftyworks - 600 Gems
Chili - 300 Gems
Gambit - 25 gems
Sava - 500 gems
lackadaisy - 50 gems
kayla - 370 gems
Twesh - 1545 gems
Deej - 600 gems
Joanne - 170 Gems
fess - 200 gems


Non Gem Gifts Log
Items that have been used should be reported to staff. Those items will be struckthrough, and the character it was used on will be linked.
OOC Gifts

[2/1/18] - 400 Gem Coat color for Inconspicuous
[2/1/18] - Overgrown claws for Tabs
[2/1/18] - Litter re-roll for Kai
[2/1/18] - 20 gem accent marking for Cootie
[2/1/18] - 20 gem accent marking for Moose
[2/3/18] - Free Extra Eye Color for Wolfsi Used here!
[2/3/18] - 20 gem marking for Raichu
[2/3/18] - Free Litter Re-Roll for Kash
[2/7/18] - Litter re-roll for Taske.
[2/13/18] - 100 Gem Marking (Large Mark) for Hvit Ulv.
[2/28/18] - Free 200 Gem Coat Color for Graive. Used here
[3/2/18] - free extra eye color for Fuzyfurball.
[3/2/18] - free 50 gem marking for Twesh.
[3/2/18] -free 400 gem coat color (Grey/Black/Burgundy) for beau. Used here!
[3/2/18] - Free 20 gem marking (accent) for Tabs. Used here
[3/2/18] - Overgrown fangs for Cootie.
[3/2/18] - Free 100 gem marking (large mark) for Jolee.
[3/2/18] - free 400 gem coat color (Grey/Black/Burgundy) for Raichu. Used here
[3/2/18] - Color Changing Eyes for Taske. Used here
[3/3/18] - 20 gem marking (accent mark) for Etsu.
[3/4/18] - 50 gem marking (small mark) for Rabs.
[3/5/18] - 20 gem marking (accent mark) for Bibbuns.
[3/6/18] - 10 gem marking (micro mark) for Roam.
[3/9/18] - 20 gem marking (accent mark) for TaterTots.
[3/10/18] - 25 gem marking (small mark) for Deej.
[4/2/18] - Litter re-roll for Kai
[4/2/18] - Overgrown claws for Graive Used Here!
[4/3/18] - 25 gem marking for RabsUsed here
[4/3/18] - 400 gem coat color for Wolfsi Used here!
[4/3/18] - 200 gem coat color for OreoBar
[4/4/18] - 100 gem marking for Azzy
[4/6/18] - 200 gem coat color for Eerie.
[4/6/18] - 50 gem marking (small mark) for Spu. Used here!
[4/6/18] - 400 Gem coat color for Elle. Used on Baldur
[4/6/18] - 400 Gem coat color for Tabs. Used here
[4/6/18] - Color changing eyes for IceAge. Used Here

[4/18/18] - Blessing of the Rose (Rose colored pelt) for Violetta. Used on Her.
[4/7/18] - 25 gem marking for Fuzyfurball.
[4/8/18] - Blessing of the Rose (Rose colored pelt) for Zena. Used on Faelyn
[4/18/18] - cub reroll for Kash.
[4/18/18] - 25 Gem Marking (Small Mark) for Tsuki.
[4/20/18] - 10 Gem Marking (Micro Mark) for Lawlipop.
[4/24/18] - 200 gem coat color for Jolee
[4/24/18] - 200 gem coat color for Fiore
[4/24/18] - 200 gem coat color for Fallen
[5/1/18] - free character slot for Kash. Used here
[5/1/18] - Free Cub Re-roll for Twesh
[5/5/18] - 400 gem coat color for Eerie Used here.
[5/5/18] - 25 gem marking for Moogle.
[5/5/18] - 400 gem coat color for Wolfsi.
[5/5/18] - Free Extra Eye Color for Etsu. Used here
[5/8/18] - 50 gem marking for Cat.
[5/11/18] - Free Extra Eye Color for Meredith.
[5/13/18] - Free Litter Re-roll for Xerex.
[5/15/18] - 20 Gem Marking for Roam. used here
[5/16/18] - Free Global Marking for Fuzyfurball.
[5/16/18] - 25 Gem Marking for Renee.
[5/25/18] - free cub re-roll for Sméagol .
[6/2/18] - free 10 gem marking (micro mark) for Eerie.
[6/2/18] - free 50 gem marking (small) for Oreobar.
[6/2/18] - free 50 gem marking (small) for Xerex. (Used here)
[6/3/18] - Free Litter Re-roll for Wolfsi.
[6/4/18] - Blessing of the Rose for Roam. Used Here!
[6/7/18] - 25 Gem Marking (small mark) for Etsu.
[6/7/18] - Global marking for Raichu.
[6/8/18] - 25 Gem Marking (small marking) for Supernova.
[6/10/18] - 50 gem marking for era. - Used here!
[6/10/18] - 200 gem coat color (white/ginger) for Fess.
[6/21/18] - micro mark for Tsuki.
[7/1/18] - 50 gem marking for Moogle.
[7/1/18] - 20 gem marking for Wolfsi.
[7/1/18] - 25 gem marking for Twesh.
[7/1/18] - 25 gem marking for Xerex. (Used here)
[7/1/18] - 400 gem coat color (black/grey/burgundy) for era. used here!
[7/1/18] - 20 gem marking for North.
[7/1/18] - 100 gem marking for Xerex. (Used here)
[7/1/18] - 20 gem marking for Fuzyfurball.
[7/1/18] - Free Extra Eye Color for Wolfsi.
[7/1/18] - Blessing of Light for Raichu.
[7/1/18] - Blessing of the Lycoi for Raichu.
[7/2/18] - 25 Gem Marking ( Small Mark ) for Rabs. Used here.
[7/3/18] - 10 Gem Marking (Micro Mark) for KIWI.
[7/5/18] - 50 Gem Marking (Small Mark) for Ink1Green.
[7/14/18] - 25 Gem Marking (Small Mark) for Koi.
[7/16/18] - free litter reroll for TaterTots.
[7/23/18] - Blessing of Color (Color Changing Eyes) for Jolee.
[7/24/18] - free cub reroll for Tabs.
[7/25/18] - 100 Gem Marking (Large Mark) for Kaii.
[8/1/18] - Free Litter Re-Roll - Fuzyfurball. - used for Elecktra x Rostam litter.
[8/1/18] - Free Global Marking- Graive.
[8/1/18] - Free Cub Re-Roll - Twesh.
[8/1/18] - Free 50 gem Marking (small mark) - Tabs.
[8/2/18] - 20 gem Marking (accent mark) - Cat.
[8/2/18] - 10 gem Marking (micro mark) - Tippy.
[8/2/18] - 200 gem coat (white/ginger) - Saph.
[8/3/18] - 50 gem marking (small) for Tippy.
[8/3/18] - 50 gem marking (small) for cat.
[8/3/18] - 50 gem marking (small) for Wolfsi.
[8/3/18] - free litter reroll for Sava.
[8/4/18] - 20 gem marking (accent) for Eerie.
[8/4/18] - free cub reroll for Rabs.
[8/6/18] - free cub reroll for Fess.
[8/7/18] - 25 gem marking (small) for koi.
[8/15/18] - 10 gem marking for Taske.
[8/21/18] - 25 gem marking (small) for Wyld.
[8/31/18] - free character slot for OreoBar.
[9/1/18] - free cub-reroll for Twesh.
[9/1/18] - free extra eye color for Raichu.
[9/1/18] - 50 gem marking (small) for Fuzyfurball.
[9/1/18] - 10 gem marking (micro) for Tabs.
[9/1/18] - free extra eye color for koi.
[9/1/18] - 10 gem marking (micro) for era.
[9/1/18] - free global marking for cerato. Used here!
[9/2/18] - free litter reroll for Sava.
[9/2/18] - 10 gem marking (micro) for Jolee.
[9/2/18] - Blessing of the Spirits (Sakura pelt) for Jolee.
[9/3/18] - 200 Gem Coat Color (White/Ginger) for Synn.
[9/3/18] - 100 Gem Marking (Large Mark) for Fallen.
[9/3/18] - 10 Gem Marking (Micro Mark) for Spu.
[9/3/18] - free litter reroll for for ivy.
[9/15/18] - Free Extra Eye Color for Teida
[9/15/18] - free litter reroll for Xerex.
[9/18/18] - free litter reroll for Kash.
[9/18/18] - 10 gem marking (micro) for Ink1Green.
[9/21/18] - 400 gem coat color for Violetta. Used here
[9/30/18] - free 400 gem coat color (black/grey/burgundy) for Fess.
[10/01/18] - 100 gem marking (large marking) for Wolfsi.
[10/01/18] - 20 gem accent marking (small mark) for Beau.
[10/01/18] - free cub reroll Lawlipop.
[10/03/18] - free litter re-roll for Synn.
[10/03/18] - 10 gem marking for Scarf.
[10/03/18] - 50 gem marking for Graive.
[10/03/18] - 100 gem marking for Xarkla.
[10/03/18] - free global marking for Nova.
[10/03/18] - 25 gem marking for Era. Used here.
[10/03/18] - Blessing of Color (Color Changing Eyes) for Graive.
[10/03/18] - 400 Gem Coat Color (Grey/Black/Burgundy) for Saph.
[10/03/18] - 50 Gem Marking (Small Mark) for ivy.
[10/03/18] - 400 Gem Coat Color (Grey/Black/Burgundy) for Sava.
[10/05/18] - free cub reroll for Violetta.
[10/07/18] - 10 gem micro marking for Kash.
[10/07/18] - 400 gem coat color (black/grey/burgundy) for Tabs.
[10/11/18] - 200 gem coat (white/ginger) for Auklet.
[10/11/18] - free litter re-roll for Collared.
[10/11/18] - Blessing of Radience for lackadaisy.
[10/29/18] - Free Global Marking for Gambit.
[10/30/18] - 400 Gem Coat Color for Poe.
[11/1/18] - 20 gem accent marking for Saph.
[11/1/18] - character slot for era.
[11/1/18] - 20 gem accent marking for lackadaisy.
[11/1/18] - litter reroll for Raichu.
[11/4/18] - Blessing of Wrath for Lawlipop.
[11/4/18] -200 gem pelt color for Xerex.
[11/4/18] - Free Global Marking for Kash.
[11/4/18] - 10 gem marking for Fuzyfurball.
[11/4/18] - Blessing of the Lycoi for Graive.
[11/4/18] - Free Litter Re-roll for Fess.
[11/4/18] - Blessing of Rage for Elle.
[11/4/18] - 10 gem marking for Wolfsi.
[11/12/18] - 100 Gem Marking for Demi.
[11/23/18] - 20 Gem Marking for Roam.
[11/23/18] - 400 Gem Pelt Color for Violetta.
[12/1/18] - free character slot for Eerie - refunded via GT exchange.
[12/7/18] - Blessing of the Lycoi for Nova.
[12/7/18] - 50 Gem Marking for TaterTots.
[12/7/18] - Free Extra Eye Color for Ink1Green.
[12/7/18] - 20 Gem Marking for Kash.
[12/7/18] - 400 Gem Coat Color for Eerie.
[12/7/18] - Free Global Marking for joanne.
[12/7/18] - Free Extra Eye Color for koi.used on Estelle
[12/26/18] - Free Global Marking for Elle.
[12/26/18] - Free Global Marking for koi.
[12/27/18] - 25 Gem Marking for Shad.

[01/01/19] - 200 gem coat color (white/ginger) for sava
[01/01/19] - Blessing of Rage for Taske. Used here
[01/01/19] - Free extra eye color for Ink1Green.
[01/01/19] - 50 gem marking for era.
[01/01/19] - 1 free litter reroll for era.
[01/01/19] - 100 Gem Marking (Large Mark) for Jolee.
[01/01/19] - Blessing of Radiance for Rabs.
[01/01/19] - 20 gem marking (accent mark) Beau.
[01/01/19] - 400 gem coat color(grey/black/burgundy) for Graive.
[01/02/19] - Free extra eye color for TaterTots.
[01/03/19] - Free Global Marking for Driftyworks.
[01/05/19] - Blessing of Rage (Overgrown Claws) for Deej Used here
[01/05/19] - Second Chance Blessing for Tabs.
[01/06/19] - 400 Gem Coat Color (Grey/Black/Burgundy) for Etsu.
[01/06/19] - Free Litter Re-roll for Joanne.
[01/07/19] - Blessing of Wrath (Overgrown Fangs) for Koi.
[01/08/19] - Free extra eye color for DangerNoodle.
[01/08/19] - Blessing of Luminescence (Bio-luminescnet Marking [50 Gems or less Mark] to Tatertots.
[01/08/19] - 400 Gem Coat Color (Grey/Black/Burgundy) to Beau.
[01/08/19] - 10 Gem Marking (Micro Mark) to Xerex.
[01/08/19] - 200 Gem Coat Color (White/Ginger) to Eerie. -- refunded via GT exchange.
[01/19/19] - Blessing of the Rose (Rose Pelt Color) - Kash. used here
[01/22/19] - 25 Gem Marking (Accent Mark) to Slash-GNR.
[01/23/19] - 50 Gem Marking (Small Marking) to Slash-GNR.
[01/??/19] - Blessing of the Rose (Rose Pelt Color) to Twesh Used here

[02/01/19] - 50 gem marking (small) to Twesh.
[02/01/19] - 20 Gem Marking (Accent Mark) to Nova.
[02/02/19] -Free Cub Reroll Can choose between 1st and 2nd roll to Twesh. (bday roll)
[02/02/19] -Free Cub Reroll (Can choose between 1st and 2nd roll) to Tabs.
[02/02/19] - Hybrid Litter Reroll (Can choose between 1st and 2nd roll) to Jolee.
[02/02/19] - +1 cub to a litter to Eerie.
[02/02/19] -100 Gem Marking (Large Mark) to Era.
[02/02/19] - 50 Gem Marking (Small Mark) to Driftyworks.
[02/02/19] - Hybrid Litter Reroll (Can choose between 1st and 2nd roll) to joanne.
[02/02/19] -100 Gem Marking (Large Mark) to Shad.
[02/02/19] - Free Extra Eye Color to Era. (Bday roll)
[02/02/19] - 50 Gem Marking (Small Mark) to Ink1Green.
[02/02/19] - Blessing of Oddities (Guarantees 1 Random Mutation in a Litter)to Graive. (bday roll)
[02/11/19] - 100 gem marking to Taske

IC Gifts
[2/14/18] - Blessed antler (Leads to one large carcass) for Hillevi. (Used [Needs a link])
[3/2/18] - Poisonous Leaves (Covers all claws once) for Parvana.
[3/28/18] - Healing of hind leg paralization (at the cost of full blinding or sterile) Nahlot.
[6/6/18] - Herbs for conception for Kari & Alysanne.
[6/7/18] - a placebo courage necklace for Palancia.
[10/11/18] - Blessing of Radiance for lackadaisy

Birthday Gifts

Birthday gifts

[3/2/18] - 100 Gem Marking (Large Mark) for Taske.
[3/14/18] - Global marking for Ray.
[3/28/18] - Free extra eye color for Violetta.
[4/6/18] - 100 Gem Marking (Large Mark) for Bibbuns.
[4/6/18] - 50 gems for Roam.
[4/20/18] - 10 Gem Marking (Micro Mark) for Lawlipop.
[4/24/18] - 200 gem coat color for Jolee
[5/11/18] - 200 gems aquamom.
[5/25/18] - 250 gems for happy.
[6/9/18] 20 Gem Marking (small marking) for Supernova
[7/1/18] - Blessing of Light for Raichu.
[7/3/18] - 50 Gems for KIWI.
[8/17/18] - Blessing of Wrath for North
[8/17/18] - 350 gems for Wolfsi
[8/17/18] - 200 gems for Cootie
[8/17/18] - 50 gem marking (small marking) for Fess
[9/9/18] - Blessing of Wrath for ivy
[9/16/18] - 20 gems for Xerex.
[11/6/18] - 400 gems for Poe.
[11/12/18] - 50 gems for Tabs.
[11/??/18] - Free Extra Eye Color for Fallen.
[12/7/18] - 20 gems for Spu.
[12/7/18] - 400 Gem Coat Color for Eerie.
[12/7/18] - Free Global Marking for joanne.

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